Fly fishing for Redfish

Fly fishing for Redfish near New Orleans is an experience remembered for a life time

Fly fishing for Redfish near New Orleans, La is an undiscovered secret. South Louisiana's wetlands are seemingly endless and fertile. Peace and solitude rule the day. Occasional interruptions of shouts and laughter break the solitude as beautifully colored Redfish swimming in inches of water approach your fly in an attempt to supplement their daily food intake. Fly fishing for Redfish near New Orleans is an adventure that must be experienced to fully appreciate. Flyfishing New Orleans make Mardi Gras seem dull and uneventful. New Orleans flyfishing charters can make your dreams a reality.

Fly fishing for Louisiana Redfish, Cajun Style, is unique. This captain fishes from custom designed skiffs that he personally designed and built himself. Standing high above the tower, perched like a savvy Osprey, the captain is ever alert to minute signals of approaching fish. I often heard him remark, "American by birth, and Cajun by the Grace of God". Cajuns are proud of their heritage and this captain is protective of the environment. Fishing in these pristine wetlands is a privilege to be cherished. Fishing with barbless flies, catch and release is practiced and fish as large as 41 pounds have been released to swim again and propagate.

Shallow Minded Guide Service specializes in shallow water sigh fishing. Imagine being quietly poled through marsh ponds with water depths measured in inches rather than feet. With water this low the bellies of the fish slide through the mud bottoms while their backs are exposed to the air. Finning fish are hungry fish that will find a properly presented fly very hard to resist.

Fly fishing for Redfish near New OrleansWe are located 38 miles from the New Orleans airport. It's only a short drive on 4 lane highways. And yet in just 38 short miles, the culture and scenery change drastically. From the hustle and bustle of the busy large city to the quiet and often primitive ways of the Cajun Culture. Where noisy streets give way to moss filled Oak and Cypress lined bayous filled with eerie mystic. Herons and Egrets stand their vigilant guard as they watch over the entrance to swamps that call out to curious visitors. Trapper's camps are scattered along the bayous. The inhabitants of these cypress shelters have stories to tell that can make your hair stand on end. And in most places, people reminisce about the good old days of years long gone, the Cajuns are telling stories about this morning and yesterday. I'm told by one of these storytellers that the "marsh is invested with Redfish". Where other places people talk about years gone by, the Cajuns say "you should have been here yesterday".

Fly fishing for Redfish near New Orleans is a Cajun experience I think you will not want to miss. New Orleans flyfishing charters are growing in number, thanks to the popularity of sight fishing for Redfish with the fly. I encourage you to search around for New Orleans flyfishing guides and make it a priority to spend time in a place the Cajuns call "Paradise". Fly fish New Orleans, and experience first hand, the Cajun lifestyle and the wonders of our ecosystem.

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