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Gulf Coast Fly Fishing

Gulf Coast fly fishing provides a unique opportunity for anglers interested in the Cajun culture. The Gulf of Mexico is unique and offers fishing experiences that can't be had elsewhere. For centuries the local residents of south Louisiana have been honing their skills when it comes to hunting and fishing. Since I no longer hunt with a gun fly fishing has evolved into a sport of stalking and sighting. Casting to sighted fish is a thrill that is set aside for the hunter-at-heart. I don't think of myself as a fisherman, I consider myself a hunter.

Gulf Coast Fly FishingTo those that are born and raised in this Cajun land, the water is as important to life as the air we breath. This wonderful Gulf Coast fly fishing takes place in wetlands, we call marsh. Often the water depth is measured in inches rather than feet. Many a majestic sight can be seen poling through these shallow waters. Fish will stand on their heads in search of crabs and other delicacies that hide in the mud. As they search the bottoms their tails will rise above the waters surface. Other times they will "crawl" as they seek food in waters so shallow that their bellies slide along the fertile mud bottoms and their bronze backs are exposed above the waters line. Oh, what sights to see, what stories could be told…

Two hurricanes attacked the Gulf Coast in 2005 and sent crashing waves onto our coast, but Bless God, we survived intact. Our fish love the wetlands and they remain today ready and most willing to eat your fly.


Should you find yourself along the Gulf Coast looking to fly fish, may beautiful south Louisiana come to mind. Discover for yourself the mystical beauty, peace, and solitude that our marsh offers to those willing to take the adventure. Search the web site, for in it are stories and detailed information dealing with many aspects of our fishery as it pretains to Gulf Coast fly fishing.

Many charter captains will be happy to take you fly fishing. But FLY FISHING is what I do.

Why not make your next fishing adventure, Gulf Coast Fly FishingGulf Coast Fly Fishing

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