When sight fishing to Redfish, Black Drum, and Sheepshead the Spoon Fly and the Crab (in that order) are my favorites. Flies, leaders, and knot instructions below.

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When sight fishing to Redfish, Black Drum, and Sheepshead the Spoon Fly and the Crab (in that order) are my favorites.

Nothing I know of at this time, comes close to competing with these two champions.
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The Cajun Spoon Fly is a Redfish magnet

Among many Redfishing fly fishers, without dispute, the Spoon Fly is king.

I've watched thousands of fish eat this fly. When they won't take a Spoon or a Crab Fly, they won't eat anything. The Spoon swims through the lush Louisiana vegetation and silty bottoms that creates the perfect environment for Redfish and other species. In these conditions many flies tend to foul up. But not these babies… I think many Redfish strike this fly because it aggravates them.

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Crab Fly catches Redfish adn Black Drum

At times the Crab Fly will out perform the Spoon.

Try the Spoon first, but if after considerable attempts the fish ignore your offering switch to the Crab. The Spoon is an attractor fly. It gets their attention, then aggravates them into striking. But the Crab is a decoy. When you fish the Crab, think "match the hatch". You've got to fool the fish into believing it is the real thing. Watching the fish scrutinize your fly is an indescribable thrill that won't soon be forgotten.

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When it comes to landing large fish, knots make a difference.

Take the time to learn your knots before you hit the water. A long fight with a large fish is nerve racking enough. You definitely don't want to have to worry about your knots at a time like this.
Non Slip Loop Knot for fly fishing

The Non-Slip Loop Knot allows the fly free movement in the water.

A hardy knot, that if tied properly, will not slip or break. This is the knot to use when tying Spoon Flies to the leader.

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Fly Fishing Albright Knot

The Albright knot is not only strong, it is beautiful.

This knot is extremely useful when it comes to joining two lines of extremely different diameters. I use this knot to tie the butt section of my leaders to the tippet. When tied properly it will pass the test of time and endurance.

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The Perfection Loop, a fly fishing knot

The Perfection knot, although not beautiful, is my knot of choice for making loops on the butt end of a leader.

This knot will not break or slip. When used in conjunction with the loop on the fly line it is a perfect match. This is a knot that you can fish with confidence.

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Fly Line Loop Illustrated Instructions

The Fly Line Loop is handy for attaching leaders with a loop to loop connection

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Salt water leaders for the Louisiana marsh are simple, yet efficient

An uncomplicated 2-peice leader will get the job done.

Fly Fishing Leaders for Louisiana Redfish
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View Perfection Knot Instructions
View leader tying instructions
View Albright Knot instructions
View Loop Knot Instructions

If you have favorite flies for the species mentioned above, I'd like to know about them. There are a lot of things I know nothing about. And I'm always striving to improve my knowledge and skills. When I go into the marsh, I go as a student. Always wondering, always asking why. E-mail me with questions, comments, and favorite flies at flyfisher@flyfishlouisiana.com

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